TiddlyWiki is "a unique non-linear notebook for capturing, organising and sharing complex information." The "notebook" consists of what are called tiddlers. These tiddlers use WikiText, which is "designed to be familiar for users of MarkDown, but with more of a focus on linking and the interactive features."

Using TiddlyWiki as a static site generator

  1. Install Node.js with apt-get install nodejs or an installer from the website.

  2. Install TiddlyWiki with npm install -g tiddlywiki

  3. Run tiddlywiki --version to verify that TiddlyWiki was installed. Expect the output of this command to be a version number. Released on April 15, 2020, the current version is 5.1.22.

  4. Change directories (i.e., cd) to the one in which you want to store your wiki. Run tiddlywiki myfirstwiki --init server

    This command will create a new folder -- named "myfirstwiki" -- containing the components required to run a local server.

  5. In the same directory, run tiddlywiki myfirstwiki --listen to start the TiddlyWiki server.

  6. Open a browser and navigate to or http://localhost:8080/ to start editing the wiki.

  7. Back in the terminal, press control+C to close the local server.

  8. Change directories to your wiki's folder (e.g., cd myfirstwiki). Run tiddlywiki --build index and open the new "output" folder to find an index.html file.

  9. Publish index.html for a single-page website!

  10. Install updates to TiddlyWiki with npm update tiddlywiki

I adapted these instructions from the GitHub repository for TiddlyWiki5.

See also: Zim