Awesome lists

What is an awesome list?

Awesome Checker Services

List of links to the various checkers out there on the web for sites, domains, security etc.

Awesome Command Line Apps

A curated list of useful command line apps, in celebration of the TUI.

Awesome CS Courses

This list is an attempt to bring to light those awesome CS courses which make their high-quality material i.e. assignments, lectures, notes, readings & examinations available online for free.

Awesome Humane Tech

While many innovative technology inventions are improving our lives, there is increasing awareness on negative impacts that come with these trends, such as large-scale privacy invasion, surveillance capitalism, and tech monopolies.

Awesome OSINT

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source intelligence tools and resources. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence collected from publicly available sources.


Self-hosting* is the practice of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaSS providers.

Awesome WSL

An Awesome collection of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) information, distributions, and tools.