Download videos

youtube-dl is "a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites."

AllTube is a GUI for youtube-dl


Export YouTube subscriptions in XML format with the subscription manager and add them to a feed reader or private front-end to YouTube.

Note: As of 2020-10-31, it's no longer possible to export subscriptions through the above link. Google Takeout does allow a list of YouTube subscriptions to be exported. Unfortunately, this list is in a format (JSON) unsupported by feed readers or either alternative below.

To manage all videos in a YouTube playlist (i.e., the classic YouTube interface), add &disable_polymer=1 to the end of its URL.


FreeTube is "a YouTube client for Windows, Mac, and Linux built around using YouTube more privately." Because subscriptions and watch history are stored locally, no account is required.

Invidious is "an alternative front-end to YouTube," which "does not use any of the official YouTube APIs" or require a Google account to manage subscriptions.