About Feeds: What is a feed?

It’s like subscribing to a podcast, or following a company on Facebook. You don’t need to pay or hand over your email address. You get the latest content without having to visit lots of sites, and without cluttering up your inbox. Had enough? Easy: unsubscribe from the feed. You just need a special app called a newsreader. This site explains how to get started.

RSS-Bridge is "a PHP project capable of generating RSS and Atom feeds for websites that don't have one. [...] Important: RSS-Bridge is not a feed reader or feed aggregator, but a tool to generate feeds that are consumed by feed readers and feed aggregators"

Public instances of RSS-Bridge

Similarly to RSS-Bridge, RSSHub generates feeds, or "routes," for use with a feed reader.

Demo instance of RSSHub
My public instance of RSSHub

I run FreshRSS (installed with YunoHost on a Digital Ocean droplet) as a feed aggregator and reader. I use Readrops as an Android client. Readrops supports FreshRSS, Nextcloud News and local accounts.

I also recently (2020-11-14) deployed Miniflux on Heroku.